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The first payments provider to seamlessly connect incoming and outgoing payments in real-time.

With one solution, simply accept your customer payments & pay your suppliers in real time without need for credit. ConnexPay increases your cashflow, de-risks your payments, and allows you to own your customer experience. Schedule a payments consultation to discover new revenue for your business and receive guaranteed savings on merchant processing fees. 

Reduce Fees & Maximize Rebates

ImageSchedule a free payments consultation to find out how you can earn up to 2% more profit and save on merchant fees!

Accept customer(s)
payments via card or ACH                      

Run fraud analysis with AI dynamic rules                          

Receive immediate access to funds when payments are authorized 

Generate virtual cards in real-time to pay supplier(s)    

Profits deposited to your
bank account          

FREE Payments Consultation

Discover how simplifying your payment flow can decrease risk, add new revenue and save in processing fees. No limits, no credit and no hidden costs. Partner with ConnexPay today!